Zero emission and autarkic systems

Not a drop of fossil fuel will be needed aboard the Autark-Zero, even shore power is under normal conditions never needed. The 33m2 solar cells generate ample energy to sail perpetually at cruising speed and to power all on-board electrical systems. This makes the Autark-Zero completely self-sufficient and therefore independent of any shore-based facilities. This ship can operate on remote cruising grounds that are much harder to access by conventional yachts.

Drinking water is made via 2 methods: by means of a watermaker turning seawater into fresh drinking water and by means of harvesting rain water. The large wing-sail which doubles as a roof in the closed position is capable of catching large amounts of precipitation which is filtered and can be used as drinking water. There is no need for large water tanks or bottled water, reducing weight and waste.

Sewage and sullage (grey and black water) is contained in a septic tank system where it’s filtered and purified to the highest standard and making it safe to discard in any waterway. The treated wastewater can also be routed to the two grow-rooms (green houses). Vertical hydroponics culturing is a very efficient method to quickly grow crops for consumption.

Autac Zero Pod Motor 10kw Green Marine Concepts
Autac Zero Windbelasting Detail Green Marine Concepts