Autark-Zero: autonomous & autarkic sailing

Green Marine Concepts is developing, together with partners, a prototype cross-over sailing yacht: Autark-Zero. A completely self-sufficient and emission-free motor-sailing yacht with a length of 12m, equipped with electric propulsion and a wing-sail.

The retractable wing-sail serves 3 purposes: sail, solar harvester and cockpit roof. The innovative design has been patented.
Control is completely automated; all moving parts are electrically powered: wing-sail, mast, dagger boards, rudders and engines, everything being controlled centrally by the artificial intelligent auto pilot computer, enabling automated and even tactical autonomous sailing.

Autark-Zero, as the name implies, is a completely autonomous and autarkic ship, suitable as expedition vessel to be deployed in remote unexplored areas. No dependence on shore-based or marina facilities; limitless sailing on wind- and solar energy! No emission of diesel engine or generator, no need for plugging into shore-power or taking in fresh water, even dumping or pumping of sullage or sewage is not required. Even food can be grown onboard in the 2 growrooms (small greenhouses on hydro culture).
Everything needed to operate this yacht is fully generated and processed onboard. The purpose of this prototype is to demonstrate and validate new technologies and developments to design a new generation of pleasure craft which are sustainable and give an ultimate experience to the owner/user!

Autac Zero Main Green Marine Concepts

Main features

  • 12x4m catamaran, 4,5 tons displacement
  • Foldable rigid wing-sail (Patent granted)
  • A-symmetrical aerofoil, flaps
  • 2x 7.5kW foldable electric pod motors
  • 50 kWh battery power
  • 33 M2 PV cells 5 kWp
  • Black-water treatment plant
  • Zero-input & zero output
  • Autonomous tactical sailing
  • Fully digital / glass cockpit
  • Retractable dagger-boards & rudders
  • Rainwater collection & filtration
  • 2 small greenhouses (hydrophonic growroom)