Hull design

Autark-Zero is a catamaran (multihull) measuring 12m long and 4m wide. The very shallow draft of only 0.5m is achieved by means of retractable dagger boards, rudders and electric pod motors. By minimizing hull friction in the design stage, the consumption of wind- and solar-generated energy for propulsion purposes is also greatly reduced.

Hull design based on expedition vessel

The design of the Autark-Zero is based on that of an expedition vessel; basic and with functionality in mind. The large, open cockpit does not have any fixed interior items: the owner decides on the best lay-out. The cockpit interior is modular; separate items and elements can be deployed to best suit the owners needs or occasion.

Autarc Zero Fullyclosed Drawing
Autarc Zero Sailing Drawing
Autarc Zero Motorsailer Drawing

Shallow draft

Thanks to the very shallow draft and retractable engines the Autark-Zero can access waterways that are off limits to traditional boats, such as lagoons and shallow bays, even drying out on a sandbank is possible. The length and beam of the boat are such that also European marinas and narrow canals in France and England can be navigated.

Woodcore sandwich construction

The prototype has a woodcore sandwich construction. This enables a fast built, without the necessity of investing in moulds. This results in a cost-efficient prototype to be used as a testbed for the various aspects of design and technical systems. For the serial production stage composite construction would be a logical choice, which will have the added benefit of considerable weight reduction in the final production version. The sustainable, circular vision is adhered to in the production process, utilising bio-composite and natural materials such as sustainable timber and bio-fibers.

  • LOA: 12m
  • BEAM: 4m