Energy supply

Autark-Zero is fitted with a large solar array: over 33m2, which is capable of generating a peak output of 6000 Watt. This energy is stored in 8 Lithium-Ion NMC batteries with a total bank capacity of 50kWh. This battery bank powers the electric motors, hotel loads, a 220V inverter and electric servos and actuators. With a normal average user load the battery bank is expected to be able to recharge completely from the solar array. A 220V shore power charger is available as backup to recharge the boat from an external power source should this be necessary.

Autac Zero Energievoorziening Green Marine Concepts

Intelligent energy management

The intelligent energy management system can adjust the consumption based on the remaining capacity of the battery bank and the input from the solar array at any given time. This means that, practically, the system calculates automatically how much energy is needed to complete a certain running time or passage and whether the energy to do so will be supplied by the solar panels based on the weather forecast and intensity of sunlight. The autopilot will calculate the optimal course taking into account the amount of energy that is necessary to complete the voyage and the amount of energy that is available.

Autarc Zero Mg Lithium Ion He 150ah
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