Autark-Zero is a cruising catamaran, aiming at the boating enthusiast who prefers to enjoy the waterways without the hassle of lines, hoisting sails or the noise of a combustion engine. No sailing experience is required as the yacht will sail itself; automated and autonomous!

High-end performance or luxury are not the main focus on-board, it’s predominantly an expedition-type ship specifically designed to explore remote, unexplored areas and to enjoy the surroundings unhindered thanks to the open-deck configuration. Being 100% self-sufficient, it offers perpetual range and running time in areas that lack shore-based facilities. No need for topping up power, fuel or drinking water from the shore; the Autark-Zero is equipped with systems that guarantee complete independence: 100% autarkic and 0% emission.

The recreational marine industry is conservative by nature. New developments realised at the forefront are only trickling through at a very slow pace into production style boats. For example, the highly advanced racing multihulls used in the America’s Cup yacht race (AC72) have hulls and wing-sails largely constructed out of carbon, however this technology hasn’t advanced yet into recreational boating applications.

A rigid wing-sail is 30% more efficient than a conventional cloth sail, so with a physically smaller sail area the same propulsion performance can be realised.

Although the majority of sailing yachts sold carry a CE A certification (ocean going) only a fraction of these boats actually makes it out to sea. The necessity of ‘ocean going’ is therefore limited in many instances. Autark-Zero is designed for use in enclosed waters, canals, rivers and coastal waters. Designing and building a craft outside of the limiting framework of the CE A certification opens up new and innovative possibilities.

The target market for this craft are recreational boaters who wish to enjoy peace, quiet and space on the water; experiencing all facets of complete autonomy.

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