The development and build of the prototype Autark-Zero is carried out by the Green Marine Concepts BV enterprise; a naval design studio established in 2017 and initiator of the project. The execution and build of the prototype is realised by subsidiary B.O.O.T. Innovation platform BV.

Hans Kuiper, the founding father of the project, earned his stripes as leading architect of innovative (office) buildings and sustainable residential developments. His decades-long experience of combining sustainable and innovative developments in architecture is now spearheading the design of the Autark-Zero.

The organisation consists of a permanent core-team of a naval architect, engineer, shipwrights, marine electronics specialist, software engineer and technical project manager.

The project is being subsidized by the European Fund for Regional Development to improve cooperation between companies in the North-Netherlands and development of innovative concepts and actual building of prototypes.

A patent-application is lodged on the design of the wing-sail to establish the uniqueness of the concept.

B.O.O.T Innovatieplatform B.V.

BOOT Innovation platform BV endeavours to establish working relationships with a multitude of partners in the open-source community, this will accelerate the development process and allows integration of communities around the world to exchange designs, source-code and hardware. The aim is to establish a cooperative platform for innovative developments in the recreational boating industry.
Green Marine Concepts is always on the lookout for like-minded partners and investors to help realise this project successfully. Feel free to contact us to let us know your thoughts and to explore how cooperation can lead to innovation!